bloom_gal (bloom_gal) wrote,

Well I bumped into Greg today- He's a nice lad, and he seemed a bit busy so i offered to change the theater lights for him. After all, I had nothign better to do.

I mean.I walked past the art room and considered sneaking a few moments with Tobey again- but Instead I only needed to watch him playfighting with Tom and Dan with paint to realise how totaly....IN LOVE i am!

GOD.....It was like some corney film where you see someone and they move in slow motion... Paint on his finger wiping it all over poor Dan..... A big smile on his face- totally oblivious to my presence there and I was just smiling at him, because I felt so...Whats the word....Argh I can't describe it..

His innocense charmed me, but i knew whom he was inside, I'd seen it in his eyes and now I was captivated.....I wished night would come now..... I wanted to spend the evening with him and him alone. Because no-one else existed when i was with him.

I can;'t ever remember feeling like this...and I had to go..I had to clear my head ebfore i saw him this evening...Before i said something foolish now.Something which would probably scare him away forever.
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