bloom_gal (bloom_gal) wrote,

Have you seen THIS group?

Okay so my groups totally missing in action, seems the word " cleaning" awoke some primal fear and they have all scarpered into the hills.

All well and good except they forgot to inform me. So I'm there, I was tidying solo and I think its all beginning to shape up now. Thank God my side of the cabins already tidy!

Tobey's such a star bless him. A real sweetheart- came in and visited, actually put a smile back on my face. He's got such enthusiasm, and he's adament we'll both make it to the pool tonight, but I won't let him do my groups work for it. He doesn't deserve that.

It was good to see him though, and He actually found Jake out to come and help me- How sweet is that?

Well i really better get working again, It's bad enough slacking normally, but when you slacking infront of the camp leader it gets noted down ;).

Maybe I should go and finish off the polishing...If i don't pass out from those fumes- they really make my head spin!

peace out!
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